About Rio Energy

Rio Energy, a privately held corporation, was established in 1980 in Houston, TX with the mission of providing supply and logistics solutions to its clients primarily throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today, Rio is engaged in the domestic and international trade of crude oil, petrochemicals, refinery feed stocks, and refined petroleum products.

Our professional staff delivers experience and expertise in all aspects of credit, finance, operations, and derivative market risk management which has allowed Rio to develop a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner.

We strive to provide creative solutions to complex problems to producers and consumers alike. Our focus is to be the primary choice among our business partners and to provide excellent service to all parties involved in the supply chain.

Our mission is to perform reliable service with transparency and the highest integrity.

Our Business

Our business activities are generally focused on the domestic and international trade of fuel oil, refined products, refinery feedstocks, crude oil, and petrochemicals.


Our diversified storage portfolio is strategically distributed in the ports of Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, and New York. We aggregate fuel oil, cutterstocks, and refinery feedstock components via ocean-going vessels, barges, trucks, and rail across the US from a variety of refiners and producers.

Custom Blending

Our expert operations staff is able to custom blend these components to match our customers’ unique specifications and requirements. Combined with our extensive transportation network, we are capable of making carefully managed and timely delivery to virtually every part of the world.


Our crude division is heavily engaged as first purchasers of domestically-produced crude oil. We transport petroleum products via truck, rail, and pipeline into trading hubs for both the domestic and international crude markets or directly to refiners for processing.


Our petrochemicals staff is highly experienced in international petrochemical market. With a primary focus on benzene and styrene, we solve supply dislocations and provide consumers and producers with transparency and efficiency into the global trade of these products.

Our People

Our employees are our primary asset. Rio is fortunate to have assembled a team of dedicated, highly qualified people who endeavor to operate with the greatest integrity and at the highest caliber of professionalism.

While many of our employees began their careers with us, we have also recruited individuals from diverse professional backgrounds from a variety of industry experiences. We encourage and empower our employees to find unique and creative solutions for our customers and to continuously seek new market opportunities.

Finance & Credit

Our experienced finance team handles all relevant aspects for each transaction in order to meet the requirements of our trade partners. Rio’s strong banking relationships and a credit facility backed by a diverse international syndication allows us to quickly and adequately adapt in today’s fast-paced trading environment.

Throughout our many years as a trusted partner, Rio has established credit with virtually every major refiner, many domestic producers, and most of our trade counter parties. For a list of credit and banking references, please contact our Finance and Credit Department.

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